Welcome to KSC Freight INC

KSC Freight Inc (KSC) was created in July 1987. The company was formed to provide technical transportation programs for selected companies. As the company evolved into a major transportation provider, the client base grew to include Fortune 500 companies.

Over the years, KSC Freight Inc. created a working network of transportation professionals in every major market. Partnering with other “best in industry” professional transportation companies, KSC Freight Inc. is able to attain market share by outsourcing transportation services and dedicating its efforts to developing transportation programs and to create transportation alternative for its clients.

Shipping Services

KSC Freight Inc. has the best of both worlds. As a non-asset based carrier we have the option and abilities to utilize many different carriers... more »

GPS Tracking

Late in 2011, we discovered that we needed more efficient methods to obtain immediate information on our critical shipments... more »

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