KSC Freight teams up with SkyTrace with GPS Tracking

Late in 2011, we discovered that we needed more efficient methods to obtain immediate information on our critical shipments. We needed the ability to track our customers freight NOW and know where it is at all times.

Not only did we need the ability to track, but have information and route deviations alerted to us via multiple technologies... Enter SkyTrace

SkyTrace Overview

Asset Tracking & Management Solutions – Auto, Trucking & Cargo Industry

  • Software Platform utilizing best of breed technologies: GPS, GSM, WiFi, Cell-ID, & RFID
  • R&D USA and Offshore
  • R&D USA and Offshore

Proven Solutions - Secure, Scalable, Efficient

Strategic Position in M2M

Partnership with VSM

  • InfoSpectrum On Asset, etc
  • Raco, AT&T, Jasper, Verizon, Rogers
  • Falcom, Maestro, CalAmp, QuicTel, etc

Project Scope


Provide a GPS GeoFencing Freight tracking and tracing system for our customers that will seamlessly integrate with all ERP and dispatch systems.

Design approach:

  • The design calls for deploying a tracking, tracing, monitoring and reporting system for freight that is being transported by a contracted carrier
  • The systems would be covertly placed within a FedEx type box, which would contain a tracking device with extended battery in a Pelican hardened case. The package would be synchronized to a bill of lading and be attached either to the freight or handed to the driver for hand delivery to the receiving point contact.
  • The receiving point POI would be set up with a dynamic GeoFence- 50 Miles out, and at the location. When a delivery breaks the 50 mile GeoFence, the system would trigger an alert to KSC dispatch to notify the receiver of incoming freight. Once the freight reaches the final destination GeoFence, the system would notify KSC of completed delivery.
  • The system would be pinged every 30 minutes to determine location of freight
  • Once the delivery is completed, the FedEx package would be returned to KSC for use on another shipment

Tracking, Tracing and Freight Management Systems

How It Works

System Functionality

Vehicle Tracking:

  • Track location, speed, idle, stop time, mileage, and routes
  • Unlimited, real-time tracking – user defined interval (1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 30 min, etc).
  • Geo-fencing - draw routes and set boundaries, then receive alerts when a trailer deviates from its defined route.
  • Information via any internet connected device - smartphone, in-vehicle device, laptop

Scheduling and Dispatch

  • Route Reports - audit the routes that drivers take and identify problems, reduce the miles that are driven by your fleet drivers and thereby reduce costs
  • Static Routes - load all the stops for a particular route, allow dispatchers to watch in real-time as a vehicle travels and manage any delays

Freight Tracking System

  • Quad-band operation - 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz bands
  • GSM / GRPS (TCP or UDP) or SMS communication channels
  • 10 device programmable geofences
  • Shock & Vibration: SAE J1211
  • Weight: 60g
  • Built in Quad Band GSM antenna
  • Compliance
    • FCC Part 15B, 22H, and 24E certification
    • PTCRB certification, approved by AT&T
    • RoHS
  • A-GPS position aiding
  • TTFF typically 3s when hot, < 40s cold
  • Input/Outputs: 1 analog, 2 digital
  • Temperature Range: -200C to +550C (ETSI compliant)
  • OTA – software and firmware maintenance

Special Features

  • Motion Sensor
  • 1 Year Battery Life
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Tamper Alert
  • Embedded Track Protocol
  • Water Resistant

Global Dashboard by Region

Cross Border Control- Geo Fencing



Solution offered as Service

  • No business interruption
  • No retooling of IT infrastructure
  • Variable costs.
  • Full redundancy Network Operation Centers – Tukwila, WA, SeaTac WA, Dallas TX, San Diego CA & India.


  • Quick & easy implementation
  • Scalability – start small, grow large
  • Improved customer service
  • Measureable ROI –
    • Loss Prevention
    • Labor Accountability
    • SAFETY

Unique Selling Points

Comprehensive Product Offering

  • Rich Functionality - Track, Trace, Manage, GeoFence, Motion Detection, Alerts – speed, idle, stop, fuel usage, acceleration/braking, theft detection, Full real time and historical reporting
  • Flexible – user defined and fully customized capabilities

Comprehensive Product Offering

  • Integrated GSM Chipset – 1 arm processor, minimizes power consumption
  • Highly Sensitive Omni-directional internal antenna to maximize GPS "reach" and accuracy
  • Backup battery to ensure "always on" technology

"People" Oriented Culture

  • Flexible and Easy to do Business With

Tracking, Tracing Asset Management Parent Real Time ETA

1st to Market with Dynamic GeoFencing of Routes and Stops

Reducing Customer Total Cost of Operational Exposure Through Advanced Telematics