Highlights & Overview

Employees: Corporate 132
Field Offices 943

Prime Industries: Broadband Communications

Areas Covered: We have offices in all major city locations. Where we do not have offices we have an agency network of over 275 agents.

Response time: Our expected response time is same day. As we become more familiar with your business we will be able to anticipate shipping patterns and needs.

Dispatching: KSC Freight, INC offers the following methods and efficiencies:
  • TransShipper: our web-based shipment generation system. TransShipper allows our customers to enter shipment data and transmit single or multiple dispatches. Shipping location "ship to" and "ship from" addresses may be burned into the system, thus allowing you to retrieve addresses at the click of a button. As your warehouse processes the request the information is electronically transferred to the broadband team in Seattle. All routing, invoicing and follow-ups are handled in Seattle but viewable by the warehouse. All warehouse locations are set up to utilize this great feature. Training can and will be provided upon your request.
  • Warehouses also have the option of calling the shipments in on our toll free phone numbers as well as the options of faxing or emailing the request.
  • The Customer Service team will be located in Seattle. All team members are cross-trained to provide dispatch, routing and customer service functions.
Reports: We have multiple reports that can be generated by our staff. Proof of delivery reports, POD status reports, and weekly transit reports as well as cost expenditure reports. Coupled with this, we also offer our web based tracking system, "Transtracker". Transtracker allows our customers to access information on all of the shipments we move for them. Shipment status can be found by bill of lading number, purchase order number and by date range. We would be more than happy set up your company in the tracking system and to train all applicable staff how to utilize the TransTracker system.

Dedicated Staff: Your Company will become part of our National Account Team. At your disposal you will have dedicated professionals to analyze shipment movements and related costs.

Invoicing: Invoicing is normally prepared on a weekly basis. EDI programs are available as well as individual invoices or manifest billing. Terms of payment are 15 days from receipt.